Exhibition views:
Potent Group Show Titles at Kaiserstraße, Offenbach 2016

Preiset wieder große Männer (Eurostyle Evidence)
Ultrachrome K3 prints and intervention,
19 x 10,5 cm x 15 cm & 4 x 20 cm x 30 cm, 2016

The unused kitchen of a former bank building is used as a display. Appropriated images from company brochures are presented, which were ordered for free on the Internet and photographed. Upon closer inspection, the screening of the images becomes apparent.

Some of the images tower over abstract color surfaces that at first glance look like color field paintings, but instead quote the covers of different editions of Walker Evans and James Agee’s book “Let us now praise famous men.”

The appropriated images are shown in the original Eurostyle frame wrappers. They show men’s hands and how they operate technical instruments. In a decontextualized way, drive and determination are shown: not mere human do things in german companies. No, men do things in companies. And they do so boldly, fearlessly, thoughtfully and always according to DIN standards.

Meanwhile, the kitchen itself becomes part of the artistic production. Polished to a high gloss by me, you can see every crack where dirt could be hiding. A company ethics guide full of commitments by a major pharmaceutical company can be found. Also a dead fly that has died in the room is presented in a cupboard. The cardboard corners that protected the frames during transport now frame the dirt under the sink.


© Rudi Weissbeck – All rights reserved.