Exhibition views:
Reality Check at Isenburger Schloss, Offenbach 2015

An anabasis is a journey into the unknown,
upon which a return home follows
in a changed state.
Ultrachrome K3 prints,
site-specific intervention, séance
2 x 20 cm x 30 cm, 2016

A séance in candlelight. The ritual summons in a conspirative gathering the evidential power of photography. A photograph of an art print depicting drops, mounted on Plexiglas, is baptized with drops. The process is repeated several times. High-ranking university officials are members of the cabal.

As proof, the baptized image is photographed after the séance. Testimony is given about the process of indexicality. Two pictures, the original picture on which the outlines of the dried drops can be seen, as well as the picture of the testimony, which shows the picture during the drying, give information about the heretical bloodletting; the breaking out of the indexicality in the birth and ritual chamber of the indexicality.

This work exists only in the form of the exhibition view. The original picture, on which the dried outlines of the drops were visible, was stolen on the opening night. All that remains is the exhibition view and the picture of the picture. The original image, the index and ritual object, has disappeared.

© Rudi Weissbeck – All rights reserved.